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There is no blanket solution for development and innovation that will automatically result in success. At NVNT, we separate the signal from the noise, showing you the most strategic points to focus on to boost your operational efficiencies and profits. Learning a strategy or implementing a system is only the first step. We treat a business as an ecosystem and know that a change in one area will have an impact on others. The NVNT Academy provides learning and development journeys in the various fields and areas of the 21st century work organisation. The NVNT team is passionate about their work and confident in their ability to deliver cutting edge thought leadership, education, solutions, and guidance. 


    Available courses

    Change leadership course

    In a VUCA world, as we experience it today - volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous - the need for change leadership is pronounced. In this course we will focus on the leadership challenges in a time of exponential change. We aim to assist you in your development as a change leader with the ability to understand the impact of change on the workplace, the need to be innovative and to lead and manage teams for more effectiveness in meeting the goals and objectives of a growing 21st century work organisation.